We are IAM


We are the alternative think-tank, consultancy and community, exploring the evolution of internet cultures and the influence of digital technologies in the futures of citizens and the Planet.

We are collectively understanding, interconnecting and shaping post-technological futures: of everything, for everyone and everywhere.

We foster critical mindsets, long-term narratives and planetary imagination through designing, curating and experimenting with alternative learning tools, experiences and initiatives aiming to have a positive influence in the agendas of creative tech companies, governments, influential media organisations, universities, foundations & cultural institutions.

Our approach


Annual Research Themes

2019: The Quantumness of Archipelagos
2018: The Subversion of Paradoxes
2017: The Renaissance of Utopias
2016: From Complexity to Emergence
2015: The Evolution of Internet as Cultures

We define annual research themes together with triangulations of ‘futures of’ and use them as a canvas to develop a more planetary, critical, long-term thinking, translating it into alternative narratives and experiments.

We are currently looking at the post-technological futures of work, automation & identity, arts, design & learning, advertising, privacy & commerce, fashion, food & sex, the planet, power & reality, cities, mobility & society and everything else in between.

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‘Media’ is what people say, ‘education’ is what people think, and ‘arts’ is what people do,”

Learn more about the ideas behind IAM in this interview published by our Berlin-based media partners FvF

IAM was co-founded in Barcelona on September 2014 by strategic foresight researchers Lucy Black-Swan & Andres Colmenares, and since then they have been developing unconventional research, curatorial & commissioning projects through creative partnerships with cultural institutions, universities and media companies as Tate, University of Arts London or the BBC, along with a number of experimental initiatives, including events, videos, learning journeys and publications, always expanding and following the principles stated in the IAM manifesto.

Our approach is built on over 10 years dedicated to explore speculative research themes, methods and narratives, looking at how the evolution of the internet as cultures, is shaping the futures of everything, creating tools and experiences to empower people through critical, planetary and long-term thinking.

Before co-founding IAM, Lucy & Andres created wabi-sabi lab, a strategic foresight company focused on futures research, concept development and communication strategies in different fields - from media, youth culture and education to retail and the regulation of the sharing economy, working with leading brands, institutions, startups and agencies between Latin America and Europe. 

On the public side, Andres also writes opinion articles for publications as CRACK Magazine or LS:N Global and has been invited to speak at events as Lift Conference in Geneva, Calvert Forum in Kazan, Youth Marketing Day in Helsinki, Pecha Kucha Night and World Youth Student Travel Conference in Barcelona, and to participate in hackathons and design sprints in Doha (CANVAS Open-innovation Hackathon by Al-Jazeera), Berlin (Hack/Hackers Connect by Google News Lab) and Stockholm (Future of banking sprint by Swedbank)

He is also a guest lecturer in University of Arts London, Istituto Europeo di Design, Blanquerna, LaSalle College International and ELISAVA School of Design & Engineering of Barcelona.

Team & Network

Our team of researchers, designers, editors, strategists, creative producers, specialists and advisors is distributed across the planet, operating as a creative network coordinated from our HQ in the district of Poblenou in Barcelona.

Our team of researchers, designers, editors, strategists, creative producers, specialists and advisors is distributed across the planet, operating as a creative network coordinated from our HQ in the district of Poblenou in Barcelona.

Since the first annual event celebrated on March 2015 in Barcelona, IAM has evolved into a global community with more than 500 members known as the IAM Family, including awarded filmmakers, soft power specialists, emerging artists, creative technologists, students, academics, researchers, dancers, designers, journalists, science fiction writers, musicians, activists, cultural entrepreneurs, and many other eclectic profiles because in randomness we trust.


Our Values

🔵  Critical optimism

🔵  Plurality and social inclusion

🔵  Responsibility for the use of futures and technologies

🔵 Solidarity in networks

🔵 Ecological and Planetary Consciousness

🔵 Tolerance and Respect from the idea of coexistence

🔵  Gender, sexual orientation and identity equality and equity

🔵 Cooperation, Collectivism and Collaboration

🔵 Transdisciplinarity of knowledge

🔵 Commitment with Interculturality

Legal Notice

Registered in Barcelona as Imperfect Futures S.L
NIF/CIF B66423948
C/ Sant Gervasi de Cassoles 37, 6-3. 08022. Barcelona, Spain
Contact: info@internetagemedia.com