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Brais Vilasó (Santiago de Compostela, 1989) and Xim Ramonell (Mallorca, 1989) met at school at 17. They quickly fall mind in love promising each other to make something together in the future. School finished and Brais moved to Paris, where he started assisting big stylists of the industry. Xim, moved to London where he developed his knowledge into the retail industry and creative direction. Back in 2012, they decided to create a magazine, its name Assistant, as the perfect excuse to introduce a new generation to a sleepy industry where nothing new is happening. In October 2014 the first issue came out featuring Maisie Williams in the cover and a bunch of talents from the past and present. Assistants believes in new ideas made by new talents. Because the world needs to be changed, and everything is possible for those who dream, dare, WORK and never give up.