We are collectively understanding, interconnecting and shaping post-technological futures: of everything, for everyone and everywhere

Our Work

We foster critical mindsets, long-term narratives and planetary imagination through designing, curating and experimenting with alternative learning tools, experiences and initiatives aiming to have a positive influence in the agendas of creative tech companies, governments, influential media organisations, universities, foundations & cultural institutions.

Our services include:

  • Curatorial & Research Projects

  • Creative & Strategic Consultancy

  • Talks & Training


Creative partners


Featured projects


IAM x ELISAVA: Design Does Forum
How are the global challenges faced by our planet shaping the futures of design?


IAM x Red Bull Basement: Rethinking ‘Social Innovation’ to Make Better Futures for Cities and Communities


IAM x UAL Futures Studio:
How to invent what happens next


IAM x Tate: Random (co) jams
Rethinking the futures of arts & museums



IAM Weekend 2020:
The Weirdness of Interdependencies
Barcelona. March 19-21, 2020

Get ready for the sixth edition of IAM's annual festival. Ticket presale is now open.

Recent past events

IAM Weekend 19:
The Quantumness of Archipelagos
Barcelona. March 21-23, 2019
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IAM x Phi Centre present:
Beyond the Echo of Reality
Montreal. November 8, 2018
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Digital Engaged Learning conference
Toronto. September 20-22, 2018
Keynote by IAM co-founder, Andres Colmenares
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Beyond Borders Summit x IAM @ Techfestival
Copenhagen. September 6, 2018
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Our mission


By 2050 everyone will be able to practise internet citizenships and cultivate a collective planetary consciousness.


Our areas of research: 2018–2021

During the next 3 years, we are focusing our research on three broad and strategic areas aligned with our 2050 mission, using annual themes approach to explore the post-technological futures of everything in creative, collaborative and experimental ways.

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How can we use the internet to rethink our relationship with the planet and everything else inside and around it?

Our focus will be in the edges, intersections and interconnections of migration, climate justice, cities & citizenships

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How can we embrace critical, conscious and post-binary attitudes in knowledge-sharing and consumption experiences?

Our focus will be in the edges, intersections and interconnections of cultural innovation, arts & design education, digital/tech/media literacy.

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How can we empower ourselves and others to redistribute power using inclusive, decolonised and plural narratives about what happens next?

Our focus will be in the edges, intersections and interconnections of creative economies, the futures of the futures, media, perceptions & realities.

Video archive

Forget Netflix and explore our video archive where you can watch more than 100+ original IAM videos including talks from previous editions of IAM Weekend, interviews, special projects and commissioned work.

Our WTF! Principles

Because "every now and then you gotta say WTF!"

☝️ Futures in pluralfuck singularity

✌️ Futures as toolsnot as destinations

👌 Futures to be inventedpredictions are too boring



The IAM Manifesto

A Manifesto for the Internet Age (2015)


1– Internet is evolving as cultures

2– Internet has a random mood

3– Internet connects diverse perspectives

4– Internet shapes collective intuition

5– Internet blurs the lines of time/space

6– Internet opens access to universal stories

7– The futures of Internet are imperfect


In the Internet age you are a medium.
Together we are media.
We are IAM.

Credit: Claudia Maté -  Opening titles for IAM Weekend 15

Credit: Claudia Maté - Opening titles for IAM Weekend 15


We are IAM