IAM partners with agents of change inside influential cultural organisations, universities, media companies, creative agencies and publications to envision alternative futures  through unconventional research, curatorial & commissioning projects and experimental initiatives, connecting diverse perspectives across the randomness of internet cultures.


Project Showcase

IAM x Red Bull Basement


IAM x BBC: How to Fix the Internet

What started as access to information has become information overload, instead of inspiring us digital media has been linked to depression and poor concentration, the creators of our tools are selling our data to sell us more. People are speaking of addiction, losing track of time and requiring ‘digital detox’s’- is the internet broken? If so, can we fix it?

IAM x Elisava: Design Does Forum

IAM x Tate: Exploring the Futures of Arts & Museums

IAM x University of Arts London: Exploring the Futures of Learning

IAM x Elisava Alumni Labs: Reflected Behaviors Project


IAM x Form&: Micro Utopias


Creative Collaborations and Commissioning

IAM x Sergio Albiac

IAM x Claudia Maté


IAM x Booooooom: Line Segments

IAM x Device

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We work and collaborate with agents of change inside influential brands, cultural organisations, media companies, niche publishers, universities and institutions joining the dots in unexpected ways.

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