Been and gone...the IAM Weekend 16

Been and gone...the IAM Weekend 16

Firstly, thank you to all who joined us last weekend for the IAM Weekend 16! After 25+ talks, 20+ interviews, 8 workshops, 3(+) parties, countless badge matches and endless bowls of cereal, the IAM Weekend 16 is over!

(We're slowly recovering from an epic  #IAMW16  hangover...)

(We're slowly recovering from an epic #IAMW16 hangover...)

Photos from all four days of the weekend will soon be on Facebook, and it won't be long until we bring you videos of each talk and present to you the second series of our We Are Internet series!

In the mean time, all that's left to say is a huge THANK YOU to the IAM Family! To attendees, speakers, volunteers, staff, technicians, advisers, and YOU, INTERNET PEOPLE, we salute you!

Talks, workshops, screenings and more...the IAM Weekend 16 is almost here!

Talks, workshops, screenings and more...the IAM Weekend 16 is almost here!

We’re here. In just a few days time, the IAM Weekend 16 kicks off, bringing with it talks, workshops, screenings, networking sessions, dinners and more!

As a welcome to Barcelona, on Day 1 we’ll be meeting at Wer-Haus for a screening of the first series of We Are Internet, and the launch of Recens Paper #4!

After all speakers and attendees have registered the morning of Day 2, we kick off the main event with our Opening Ceremony! Here, we’ll be introducing the weekend’s theme, From Complexity to Emergence, and featuring our Opening Titles in collaboration with DEVICE.

Teaser 11 x @devicers 💙 btw checkout the latest updates on the Agenda for #IAMW16 (link on profile)

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The first talks session, hosted at Barcelona’s incredible CosmoCaixa, is entitled The Bigger Picture of Internet Culture, where attendees will learn about diversity, complexity and diplomacy in the Internet Age. After lunch, our expert speakers will cover the distribution, networks and differing perspectives of independent magazines, exploring the Futures of Niche Publications.

And then? An interlude. Featuring an IAM x Domestic Data Streamers networking collaboration called Badge Match, attendees will be brought out of their echo chambers and connected with other attendees from a huge range of backgrounds!

The final session of the first day of talks is about the Futures of Media, where speakers from the likes of the BBC, Quartz and RYOT Media will examine the digital transformation, evolution and culture of media. Come evening, we’ll dive into the Dinner Roulette! (Think Chatroulette, but with nice food, drinks…and clothes.)

Day 3 of the IAM Weekend 16 kicks off with an early morning Running Meet-up (if that’s your kind of thing...) and a screenings showcase jointly hosted by IAM and CANADÁ.

From 11:30am, we’ll be exploring the Futures of Education a.k.a. Learning with educators from all over Europe, while the afternoon will see incredible curators, creators and makers investigate the Futures of Arts & Museums. Our final session (after more Badge Matching!) looks at the Futures of the Future, where our final IAM speakers are going full ~M~E~T~A~.


Day 4 sees the IAM Weekend 16 move over to the IED Barcelona, where we have some great genuinely-so-incredible-that-we-can’t-really-believe-it workshops!

Fancy some breakfast while networking? Join the Cereal Party! Then, Once full of cereal, attendees can head into the first round of workshops. Here, they can:

  • Join Moving Brands in a session of play, curiosity and (constructive) failure;
  • Explore the futures of the museum with Tate;
  • Create immersive, engaging public experiences with Changeist and Smithery;
  • Learn more about the evolution of global power with Portland Communications.

After a short break, the final session of the entire IAM Weekend will begin. In this second round of workshops, guests can:

  • Learn how to transform user insights into digital products with Made by Many;
  • Push the boundaries of data visualisation with Domestic Data Streamers;
  • Create a robot in 30 minutes with Oakwood;
  • Join Intern Magazine and our IAM’s own Editor to reflect on the Weekend and capture the serendipity, ideas and atmosphere that have shaped their experience!

P.S. We’ll also be running a Talent Market all day for attendees to dip in and out of, showcasing projects, publications, portfolios, startups, products and services presented by IAM Family members and students of IED Barcelona!

The IAM Weekend 16 runs from 7-10 April in Barcelona. Grab one of the last tickets here, and stay up to date with the IAM Weekend and the worlds of media, learning and internet culture here.

Chatting to IAM Weekend 16 attendees from far and wide...

Chatting to IAM Weekend 16 attendees from far and wide...

The IAM Weekend 16 is fast approaching, and that means creatives, artists, strategists, journalists, educators, designers, students, CEOs and all manner of internet people will soon be convening at Barcelona’s CosmoCaixa for what we know will be an incredible weekend of talks, screenings, workshops, networking and more!

Ahead of all that, we spoke to strategist Kevin Stanton and designer Alejandro Ruiz who are coming all the way from the USA and Mexico respectively, asking “why IAM? why Barcelona?”

Kevin, a Senior Strategist at Phear Creative (a NYC-based agency “with a knack for building and tuning into culture”), was “immediately inspired by last year’s speakers and the super internet-y way IAM communicates”. At Phear and beyond, he’s into all the little absurdities of internet culture, but why IAM in particular? As Kevin’s boss was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, “there are a lot of conferences in the U.S. Why Barcelona?”

Kevin’s answer?

“Anyone can attend a conference about advertising, marketing, content, etc. in the USA or abroad, but there aren’t many conferences that seek to dimensionalize the thought around culture and media as a whole.”

We’ll take that!

For Alejandro, a co-founder of Raidho (a Monterrey, Mexico-based technology and interaction-driven branding agency), the IAM Weekend 16 will broaden his perspective of the education and design fields.

Right now, Mexico lacks its own vocabulary about how to “shape the human condition” through education, critical thinking and design, and that’s where the IAM Weekend 16 comes in: “IAM is at the intersection of design, art, technology, and these kinds of things are key to start new conversations". As a result, countering how "as Mexicans, or Latin Americans, we lack our own way of seeing things", IAM creates the conditions for this exact sort of development.

Assessing how design can help to resolve, challenge and develop societal solutions, Alejandro believes “we as designers are just weird, pragmatic philosophers. IAM has this uniqueness of exposing that new pragmatic philosopher.”

And how did Alejandro develop his own vocabulary, if these things aren’t taught in Mexico?

“Because of the Internet”. (Of course.)

Grab one of the last tickets for the IAM Weekend and join Kevin and Alejandro!

Internet Age Media x Domestic Data Streamers: IAMW16 Collaboration

Internet Age Media x Domestic Data Streamers: IAMW16 Collaboration

At the IAM Weekend 16 we'll be bringing you insights, talks, randomness and creativity...and much more! One way of doing this is by teaming up with Domestic Data Streamers,  who turn data into art, knowledge and experiences. After collaborating with DDS's Dani Pearson for random co:(jams), we sat down with him to learn a little more about their work, and tease some info about the upcoming IAM x DDS: IAMW16 collaboration...

IAM: What defines the Domestic Data Streamers' way of working?

DANI: Our main approach is related to research between people and their relation to information. We’re obsessed with how people approach information and we’re constantly challenging the ways this happens.

Our field is based on pushing the boundaries of communication and on stretching the gap between information and and human beings. We’re facing a huge challenge nowadays on how we’re consuming information. We’re overwhelmed by a huge number of inputs and that has driven us to becoming unaware of our feelings towards what surrounds us. Our main goal is to reconnect us to what’s happening, and it all starts by understanding how we might treat information in order for it to transcend us.

IAM: What have you been working on?

DANI: We tend to work in many different fields, as we allows people and organisations to communicate through emotions and interaction. We’ve been working on projects that have been focused on understanding people’s feelings towards life and death, through “Lifeline”, or visualising the impact that an artwork has towards the public of an exhibition, in Sand Falls, and working with companies such as BASF, generating awareness on people’s personal consuming patterns related to food waste.

IAM: How did you all get into the sort of work you do?

DANI: We started out as a personal exploration, and it all evolved to get us where we are today, and we’re proud to make a living from our personal interests. We were interested in how art allows humans to ask the right questions and generate an emotional feeling towards people, but most of the time we saw a lack of reality. Some of us come from a design background and we’re constantly looking for answers. That’s why, after some of us already had played with data thought that it could be a great way to put together art, design and technology.

IAM: How did the IAM x DDS collaboration come about?

DANI: Two years ago Daniel Armengol Altayó connected us with IAM. He has seen our second installation at the SWAB International Contemporary Art Fair of Barcelona and invited us to participate in a Behance event. From there we started talking and like in many relationships we ended up falling in love with each other. A few months ago they asked us if we were interested in creating some dynamics for the IAM Weekend and we pressed the Blue Button, and of course it was a total YES.

IAM: What were the starting points for working on the collaboration?

DANI: The first word Lucy and Andrés mentioned together when entering the studio was RANDOMNESS. That was the key concept behind everything. Then, Andrés told us that he could try and generate as many collaborations as we were interested in, and we then started making THE list, including Stephen Hawking or the blonde girl of the Spice Girls. Unfortunately they couldn’t make it. Damn.

DANI: We moved on to laying out some goals:

  • Trust in randomness
  • Create connections
  • Reflect Internet culture
  • Make people have fun

We ended up with 3 main areas of research that are the basis of the collaboration during the IAM Weekend: 

  • Connect - enhancing networking dynamics
  • LEARN - Discover and explore behaviours.
  • Create - Create a sense of community.

The outcome will be revealed in a few days!

IAM: And now, a few quick-fire questions. What’s the last website you visited?


IAM: Name an app you can't live without.

DANI: Tinder

IAM: And finally, describe yourself in a GIF!


Domestic Data Streamers will be joining us at the IAM Weekend 16. Grab your ticket here, and stay up to date with the IAM Weekend and the worlds of media, learning and internet culture here.

IAM Weekend 16 speaker line up grows a little bigger!

IAM Weekend 16 speaker line up grows a little bigger!

Now less than four weeks away from the IAM Weekend 16, we're putting the finishing touches to what will undoubtedly be an amazing weekend! If you're still umm-ing and ahh-ing, IAM Family member Noemi Stauffer wrote a post over on Medium with 10 reasons why you should attend, but we've also added a few more speakers to whet your appetite:

Finally, if you're yet to check out last week's Friday IAM In with Creative AI pioneer Samim Winiger, do so now!