As we gear up for the IAM Weekend 16, we want to #tbt to just over a week ago, when we headed to London to collaborate with Tate on (random) co:jams!

Having already had a private tour of the Tate Britain (500 years of British art in 30 minutes...), the group of 10 internet age talents and technologists, with backgrounds spanning digital arts, music, data-driven experiences, interaction design and installations, were randomly sorted into 3 different teams.

Exploring various approaches to exhibiting born-digital art, each team set about asking:

  • What is the role of the museum in the internet age?
  • How is the concept of youth being redefined and challenged in the context of internet age arts?
  • What can we learn from the history of British art over the last 500 years?

The final prototypes will be exhibited at #IAMW16 in Barcelona in April, but here are a few teasers!

First up, Claudia Maté, Joel Lewis, Ernesto Werecko and Anita Fontaine created a virtual reality where you can go inside a painting's environment:

Dani Pearson, Adam John Williams and Joey Yu observed, reflected and interacted with art-onlooker's reactions:

7 hours later... #randomcojams

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And Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Kim Boutin and Tara White explored how to curate museum pieces in the internet age, devising this awesome Random Curator Bot!