In line with the new year's new website and new ideas, we of course needed a new visual identity for the IAM Weekend. In order to build something strong, relevant and playful(!), our designer Pedro Ajo started with the event’s theme: From Complexity to Emergence.

The Internet, as a whole, emerges out of a complex network of interaction and facilitates random patterns, connections and collaborations. The IAM Weekend 16 will tap into this emergence and the collective intelligence (“scenius”) that arises with it, while also exploring the creative models of innovation that it results in, so it was over to Pedro to translate these big ideas into the IAMW16 visual identity.

Since it’s we humans who ultimately make up and empower this complex system, Pedro looked to focus on the elements to the network that are most human. One of these is gesture typing, where users draw a continuous line between letters to create not just words but whole phrases. This means every time a word is drawn, a unique pattern is created that’s impossible to repeat. These random patterns are therefore very personal, and allowed Pedro to translate all sorts of concepts, quite literally.

This foundational process generates an unlimited system of glyphs or characters, each as personal as the next, which can represent not just words but whole phrases (think: Egyptian hieroglyphs). ‘IAM Weekend’ is amongst those featured below....

Psst. Bottom left corner.

Since we like to keep things moving at IAM, that applies to our visuals, too. Having developed this flexible system, Pedro’s infinite patterns are easily converted into .gifs, with each point constantly interacting with the others (just like Internet Age communication):

Most importantly, each .gif’s personality means it could never be emulated by a machine running an algorithm; the individual becomes the collective, something imperfect, something random.

Above all, it is human: We Are IAM.

P.S. In the days just before IAMW16 we’ll be revealing another pattern with a hidden phrase - one we that we hold dear at IAM HQ. With all this explanation, see if you can work out what it is when the time comes. Here's your teaser…