With just over 5 weeks to go until our yearly encampment in Barcelona, we thought we'd share with you the process behind the IAM Weekend 16 opening titles.

We've sat down to talk with DEVICE, who have been creating the titles, and teasers like this:

IAM: Is there a particular ethos or approach that you bring to your work? Do you consistently look to express a particular style?

DEVICE: We try to have different approaches because we have different styles depending of the nature of the project, ranging from commercial works to personal experimental projects.

But, maybe technology as a visual element or as a tool is a kind of recurrent idea behind much of our work. From retro gaming and its pixelated images to new 3D scanning techniques with a cell phone, like the one we are using for the IAM opening titles! We like to think about it in all its range, from the old devices to the new ones.

IAM: What are some of your favourite projects to have worked on?

DEVICE: It’s not easy to choose our favourite projects, but we'd probably go for the Primavera Sound 2016 Lineup, the Mira Festival 2015 graphic campaign and the Europe In 8Bits Opening Tittles.

IAM: Why those three in particular?

DEVICE: We love the good balance between a nice style, animation, story telling, and and interesting client!

IAM: Tell us a little more about your work.

DEVICE: It’s a mix of visual culture, communication and experience. We studied graphic design and have always loved illustration, so it was kind of natural to add another dimension, time, to all that.

A piece feels more complete if it moves and you can also add music and sound to it, and then share it and watch it as many times as you want on the Internet.

IAM: What were your first impressions about the IAM Weekend 16 opening titles brief?

DEVICE: We felt completely free. The only condition was to have a mascot for the festival. So, we chose a hand to relate it with the users as someone using an interface, and the cursor shape when you roll over a link.

We also felt a bit of responsibility being the second edition in which you have to think about what elements have to remain the same and which ones have to change. And obviously after the amazing work of Claudia Maté in last edition’s titles!

IAM: How have you responded to the brief generally?

DEVICE: We wanted to get people involved in the titles since the festival is about Internet. Keeping the random, techie factor of the media itself!

IAM: How has the opening titles concept developed?

DEVICE: We started from a more conceptual approach trying to explain the festival concepts. After thinking about it and doing some tests, we realised that the concepts had to visualised be in a less literal way.

So instead of talking about emergence, we preferred to ask IAM Weekend 16 attendees to send us 3D images that we'll build into the opening titles. We want to make a small dissection of the internet with the people that surround the event. A little sample of the net randomness connected with a voice over!

The IAM x DEVICE opening titles will be shown at the IAM Weekend 16, a yearly congregation of innovative change-makers in media, learning and internet culture. Want to hear speakers from the BBC, TateV&A, QuartzFreunde von FreundenMoving Brands and many more? Check out more details here.