The IAM Weekend 16 is fast approaching, and that means creatives, artists, strategists, journalists, educators, designers, students, CEOs and all manner of internet people will soon be convening at Barcelona’s CosmoCaixa for what we know will be an incredible weekend of talks, screenings, workshops, networking and more!

Ahead of all that, we spoke to strategist Kevin Stanton and designer Alejandro Ruiz who are coming all the way from the USA and Mexico respectively, asking “why IAM? why Barcelona?”

Kevin, a Senior Strategist at Phear Creative (a NYC-based agency “with a knack for building and tuning into culture”), was “immediately inspired by last year’s speakers and the super internet-y way IAM communicates”. At Phear and beyond, he’s into all the little absurdities of internet culture, but why IAM in particular? As Kevin’s boss was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, “there are a lot of conferences in the U.S. Why Barcelona?”

Kevin’s answer?

“Anyone can attend a conference about advertising, marketing, content, etc. in the USA or abroad, but there aren’t many conferences that seek to dimensionalize the thought around culture and media as a whole.”

We’ll take that!

For Alejandro, a co-founder of Raidho (a Monterrey, Mexico-based technology and interaction-driven branding agency), the IAM Weekend 16 will broaden his perspective of the education and design fields.

Right now, Mexico lacks its own vocabulary about how to “shape the human condition” through education, critical thinking and design, and that’s where the IAM Weekend 16 comes in: “IAM is at the intersection of design, art, technology, and these kinds of things are key to start new conversations". As a result, countering how "as Mexicans, or Latin Americans, we lack our own way of seeing things", IAM creates the conditions for this exact sort of development.

Assessing how design can help to resolve, challenge and develop societal solutions, Alejandro believes “we as designers are just weird, pragmatic philosophers. IAM has this uniqueness of exposing that new pragmatic philosopher.”

And how did Alejandro develop his own vocabulary, if these things aren’t taught in Mexico?

“Because of the Internet”. (Of course.)

Grab one of the last tickets for the IAM Weekend and join Kevin and Alejandro!