Firstly, thank you to all who joined us last weekend for the IAM Weekend 16! After 25+ talks, 20+ interviews, 8 workshops, 3(+) parties, countless badge matches and endless bowls of cereal, the IAM Weekend 16 is over!

(We're slowly recovering from an epic  #IAMW16  hangover...)

(We're slowly recovering from an epic #IAMW16 hangover...)

Photos from all four days of the weekend will soon be on Facebook, and it won't be long until we bring you videos of each talk and present to you the second series of our We Are Internet series!

In the mean time, all that's left to say is a huge THANK YOU to the IAM Family! To attendees, speakers, volunteers, staff, technicians, advisers, and YOU, INTERNET PEOPLE, we salute you!