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IAM x Tate: Prototyping the futures of the museum

IAM x Tate: Prototyping the futures of the museum

As we gear up for the IAM Weekend 16, we want to #tbt to just over a week ago, when we headed to London to collaborate with Tate on (random) co:jams!

Having already had a private tour of the Tate Britain (500 years of British art in 30 minutes...), the group of 10 internet age talents and technologists, with backgrounds spanning digital arts, music, data-driven experiences, interaction design and installations, were randomly sorted into 3 different teams.

Exploring various approaches to exhibiting born-digital art, each team set about asking:

  • What is the role of the museum in the internet age?
  • How is the concept of youth being redefined and challenged in the context of internet age arts?
  • What can we learn from the history of British art over the last 500 years?

The final prototypes will be exhibited at #IAMW16 in Barcelona in April, but here are a few teasers!

First up, Claudia Maté, Joel Lewis, Ernesto Werecko and Anita Fontaine created a virtual reality where you can go inside a painting's environment:

Dani Pearson, Adam John Williams and Joey Yu observed, reflected and interacted with art-onlooker's reactions:

7 hours later... #randomcojams

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And Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Kim Boutin and Tara White explored how to curate museum pieces in the internet age, devising this awesome Random Curator Bot!

UAL Futures x IAM

UAL Futures x IAM

On Wednesday 9th December IAM together with UAL Futures presented an evening of films and discussion around internet culture and the futures of media.

This exclusive screening was held at London College of Communication featuring We Are Internet -  a video series exploring the human side of Internet Age Media.

The evening was followed by a discussion with some of the film's protagonists - influential people behind leading niche publications, agencies, companies and institutions from around the world.

Speakers on the night

Igor Zinatulin, Head of Strategy, Calvert 22 Foundation

Alec Dudson, Founder, Intern Magazine

Pip Jamieson, Founder, The Dots

Julius Wiedemann, Director of Digital Publications, TASCHEN

Pernille Raven, Head of Branded Content, Crane TV

Abraham Asefaw, Founder, The Pop Up Agency