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New x New x New

Last week we celebrated the 10 Week Countdown until the 2016 IAM Weekend by relaunching our website! Since we’ve given you a little time to snoop around, you’ll know it features new speakers, our new venue and some teasingly awesome visuals from DEVICE, who are working on the IAMW16 Opening Titles.

Speaker-wise, we can’t wait to hear about the futures of media, learning and internet culture from experts and innovators at the likes of TATE, the BBC, Stack Magazines, Moving Brands, School of Machines and Making & Make-Believe - to see the full list just click here!

We’re also incredibly excited to announce that CosmoCaixa, Barcelona’s incredible science museum, will play host to IAMW16. Anyone familiar with the building will know what a special venue it’s going to be and how it’s the perfect setting for a weekend full of ideas, creativity and opportunity!

If all this weren’t enough to whet your appetite, we’re extending our discounted launch price tickets until this Friday. 4 DAYS, INTERNET PEOPLE! 


P.S. As ever, if you need any help convincing your team, your boss, or even yourself, let us know!