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Special Project: Do You Speak Human?

Democratising Tomorrow's AI, presented by SPACE10

One day soon, you will talk to your devices the way you talk to your friends. And your devices will talk back. This raises a few questions about the relationship we’d like to establish with our technology.

Do we, for instance, prefer talking to a machine? Or do we rather want it to be more human like?

Should technology be male or female? Would it make a difference?

Should it have a human personality? And even human values?

But the real question is:

What would you like it to be?

Take part in the survey and have your voice heard.


Meet the team:

What if we use utopias as a verb?

For IAM Weekend 17 we will go deeper into the meaning of utopias, with imagination and skepticism, understanding how they can evolve beyond contemporary dreams and help us navigate the uncertainty of our times.

The main stage will feature 30+ speakers distributed in 5 sessions (single-track conference format) plus 10+ workshops led by our learning partners developing the key insights from the talks. Our serendipitous agenda will also include several side-events including parties, dinners, screenings, special projects and installations.

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