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Adam Bainbridge - Kindness

In conversation with IAM co-founder Andres Colmenares, Adam Bainbridge, a.k.a musician and producer Kindness, spoke of the Internet's power to create and empower communities. While social media can often be a place of criticism and negativity, these same tools also allow us to create and maintain strong, boundary-less societies that spring up around the talent, genius and positivity afforded by the democratised space of the Internet. In turn, this encourages us to debate important social issues that will influence us for years to come.

In the music industry, social media also form the basis of promotional strategies, which are also increasingly orientated around ensuring that a listener’s visual experience (of artwork or a music video) is as rich as their experience of listening to a song. Yet, as Adam noted, this speaks to the growing trend towards addictive stimuli that we chase after while forgetting context and reason. Taken to its extreme, this leads to the dissolution of authorship and the narrowing of culture. To ensure that less popular work isn’t drowned out, we therefore need to ensure the democratising power of these platforms isn’t turned on its head.


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Adam Bainbridge


Los Angeles

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