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Ahmed & Rashid Bin Shabib - Brownbook

In both print and digital, niche publications are strongest when they bring a unique, intelligent perspective to their field. With Brownbook Magazine, founders Ahmed & Rashid bin Shabib do exactly this by challenging mainstream media narratives about the Middle East and sharing the stories of those who often go unheard. Both online and offline, Brownbook’s approach speaks to the need for focussed, contemporary content which prioritises quality and integrity, and as Rashid emphasised at IAM Weekend 16, it’s this investigative, research-driven writing which stands out against the increasing commodification of journalism.

As the digital shift forces content-makers to think about relevance, a strong focus on quality facilitates a slick online/offline relationship where physical and digital work in tandem, not against each other. With the old model of large publishing houses trying to cover many topics slowly crumbling, Rashid highlighted the opportunity for independent publishers to the resulting void; only by doubling-down on their niche can contemporary mag-makers can be more targeted and nimble.


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Ahmed & Rashid Bin Shabib
Founders, Brownbook Magazine / Cultural Engineering

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