Albert Cañigueral
Strategist, Ouishare

“How do we get out of the digital feudalism?

Maybe we need to think what got us out from the traditional feudalism. It was actually renaissance. So in order to leave from the digital feudalism we need to work on a networked renaissance. Go from digital to networks, which is far better.

We need to find and we need to be in the center. The humans need to be in the center. We need to find a way to balance ethics and technology, not technology for the sake of technology.

We need to redefine our social contracts. We talked today about the metaphors. We need to rethink the metaphors in which we interact each other in society.

We need to share the best practices, the best outcomes, the best solutions. And we need a questioning attitude. The key element of the renaissance is questioning everything, so I encourage you to question everything.

It is time to ask new questions and to have this questioning attitude.”



Albert Cañigueral
Strategist, Ouishare

⏳ 19 min.

Filmed in April 2017 at IAM Weekend 17

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