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Alberto Barreiro - Grupo PRISA

Alberto Barreiro, Chief Experience Officer at Grupo PRISA, explained that the complexity and uncertainty provided by our new technological context demands that media adapt to digital, but that we should think in terms of strategy in a digital world, not digital strategy. While the first wave of digital disruption led to digital versions of print media, we must now prioritise digital-first media to ride the next wave.

Media companies no longer control the interface — which has been taken over by the likes of Facebook, Google and Medium (the irony isn’t lost on us here) — while traditional distribution channels are increasingly decentralised and dematerialised. Outlets now have to reach out to readers, rather than expecting readers to come to them, a challenge which also speaks to the broader trend of increasing distrust in institutions.

All is not lost, however. Alberto emphasised that when media companies strategise for their new, digital contexts, to remain relevant and interesting they must meaningfully understand their essence and purpose. What they do next may be completely different to the old world of print media, but by translating this essence, at least, journalistic outlets who were once seen as authorities can maintain the legacies on which they now trade.


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Alberto Barreiro
Chief Experience Officer, Grupo PRISA

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