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Anjali Ramachandran - Ada’s List /

As founder of Other Valleys — a project dedicated to sharing technology and creative news from emerging markets — and Ada's List — which helps “move women in tech forward” — , Anjali Ramachandran is well versed in the challenges we face to bring about a more diverse, equitable and inclusive Internet and culture throughout the world.

Referencing World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, who said that “the greatest rise of information and communication in history will not be truly revolutionary until it benefits everyone in every part of the world”, Anjali spoke of the importance of taking advantage of the Internet as a globalising and equalising factor: jobs, opportunities, resources and technologies can be democratised in typically unequal societies and cultures, pulling entire families out of poverty and levelling the playing field between genders and races.

We can often become complacent with technology, taking it for granted, yet Anjali reminded us that we need an Internet that is open and inclusive, and that we should orientate our culture and society around these very same values.


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Anjali Ramachandran
Co-founder, Ada's List

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