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Areti Markopoulou - IaaC

Areti Markopoulou, from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC), told the IAM Weekend 16 audience of the changing face of architecture and outlined how educators can adapt. Connectivity to knowledge and interaction between digital and physical spaces have brought about a digital revolution in architecture, and in response, IaaC teaches students to question the rigidity of space and embrace technology.

Adaptive materials and embeddable computing can be used to create versatile spaces and buildings rather than singular physical outcomes, a necessary shift in the way we think about architecture. To rise to the challenges of the future, IaaC instil a collaborative, open-source, cross-discipline mentality that focusses on learning by doing. In doing so, they teach students to overcome the age-old ego of the architect, redefining the practice itself.


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Areti Markopoulou
Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia                     Barcelona

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