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Colin Burns & Darren Bowles - BBC x Moving Brands

Sometimes, for large organisations, bringing in specialised, external help is crucial to this process. To that end, BBC Digital have been working with Moving Brands to help them rise to these new challenges, and it was the nature of the working relationship itself that formed the basis of the session’s first talk. Colin Burns, then-Executive Creative Director at BBC Digital (now Chief Design Officer of BBC Design & Engineering), and Darren Bowles, Executive Creative Director at Moving Brands, emphasised the need to make collaborations less complex and problem solving more achieveable.

Railing against transactional, customer-client dynamics, Colin and Darren identified 8 characteristics to their partnership that have made it so successful: curiosity, craftiness, personability, lo-fi working, openness, humility, ‘sleeves up’ hard work and ‘bondage’ (taking pleasure from constraint!). Collectively, these values allow both the BBC and Moving Brands to experiment and collaborate in a friendly, constructive environment, sharing their skills in the process. By being open, honest, and on the same page (“Fast, cheap, good. Pick Two”), the teams from BBC and Moving Brands work in a context that allows for criticism and argumentation as much as it does celebration and praise. In turn, they can actually get on with trying to solve the problems at hand.


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Colin Burns
Chief Design Officer, BBC Design & Engineering
(Executive Creative Director, BBC Digital, at time of speaking.)

Darren Bowles
@pantonechipper                                                                          Executive Creative Director, Moving Brands

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