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Elise by Olsen & Morteza Vaseghi - Recens Paper

Nowhere is this clearer than with Oslo-based magazine Recens Paper. Founded by Elise by Olsen, Recens was created to protest the commercialisation, beauty standards and gender stereotypes of the mainstream fashion industry. As a youth culture magazine, its penchant for railing against the trends and traditions of the creative industries even extends to its design, manifested in its upside down cover.

At the IAM Weekend 16, Elise spoke with Recens’ Art Director Morteza Vaseghi about the importance of creating content that’s relevant and sensitive towards today’s youth. Through this process, Recens unites a community of trendsetters and game-changers that is both boundary-less and age-less (Elise is 16, Morteza is 34). This organic network is also self-supporting, providing a platform for those who would otherwise miss out on valuable opportunities while affirming that experimentation and error are paths to success as equally as they are to failure. Now on its fifth issue, Elise and Mori can confidently say: “the youth invents future.”


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Elise by Olsen
Founder & Creative Director, Recens Paper

Morteza Vaseghi
Art Director, Recens Paper

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