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Frederik Frede - Freunde von Freunden

An empowered community, innovative distribution and quality content. But how can publishers make it pay? Freunde von Freunden, co-founded by Frederik Frede, follows the growing trend seen with the likes of Monocle and Winkreative, VICE and Virtue and It’s Nice That and Anyways, by having a sister agency in the form of MoreSleep. As Frederik explained, while MoreSleep creates commercial work for clients, FvF shares tales of creativity with people at the centre of every feature, and in doing so has built a reputation for authentic, inspirational storytelling.

At the centre of this approach is FvF’s commitment to timeless content. Frederik drew attention to the fact that you can revisit each story on the FvF website months and years after it was first published, and it will still be valuable, relevant and engaging. Combined with its global community of contributors, the weight attached to authentic, quality content has allowed FvF to build a reputation for uplifting stories that are also attractive to brands, providing a further source of revenue. Together, FvF and MoreSleep build on each other’s distinguished reputations to create one business model, and in doing so outline a sustainable model for future publishing.


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Frederik Frede
Founder & Creative Director, Freunde von Freunden

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