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Gareth Seltzer - RYOT Media

Gareth Seltzer, Founding Partner of RYOT Media, highlighted the need for an audience which keeps coming back for more, so that media organisations “don’t just rent them, but own them”. For Gareth, the answer lies in empathy. Through their use of Virtual Reality (VR), RYOT is creating stories that allow viewers to see war and disaster zones as if they were really there, including in Haiti, Syria and Nepal. The resulting experience is completely immersive and adds a layer of compassion that goes far beyond any other form of storytelling.

Where the old web revolved around navigating through topics and menus, VR gets straight to the action. “Fuck navigation,” cries Gareth, “I want the journey to be part of the experience!” This sort of compelling storytelling — especially when it’s socially-minded, as is RYOT’s signature style — ensures VR’s enduring relevance, but a lesson to new media companies: the bar has been raised.


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Gareth Seltzer
RYOT Founding Investor

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