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Jen Aarvold & Leyla Tahir - Tate

Across the UK, Tate galleries are some of the most frequented visitor attractions each year, but they aren’t immune to the effects of technology and the difficulty of engaging young people in the arts. To tackle this, Jen Aarvold and Leyla Tahir, both producers at Tate, are working to make Tate an open, accessible place for young people, responding to the interests and needs of those who will ensure the long term future of the museum.

One example of this work is Tate Collectives, a group of 15–25 year olds who operate both as a creative collective and often resemble something like the gallery’s internal think-tank. With the group, the museum promotes innovation, diversity, risk taking and making mistakes, creating an open, friendly environment to engage more of today’s youth, and Tate Collectives members also keep the gallery on track to stay relevant and engaging with young people.

Be it through changing the language used to communicate physical artworks, building an online community, embracing underground culture or by commissioning digital collectives and artists to reinterpret historical pieces, Tate not only makes its collection more relevant but also defines how the museum of the future can bridge the traditionally large gap between young people and the gallery.


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Jen Aarvold
Tate Collectives Producer, Tate                                                      London

Leyla Tahir
Assistant Curator, Young People's Programmes, Tate               London

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