From Complexity to Emergence : #IAMTALKS : The Bigger Picture of Internet Culture

Jonathan McClory - Portland Communications

Jonathan McClory, a soft power expert at Portland Communications, explained how governments and institutions are harnessing the Internet to leverage soft power, an alternative to force and coercion based on credible, persuasive promotion of political values, culture and foreign policy. This soft power stems from two global megatrends: The Rise of Networks and An Increasingly Digital World.

The diffusion of power from north to south, west to east, and from governments to non-state actors has given rise to a network of influencers who have benefitted from this democratisation of power. Together with increased accessibility of information, which entails greater accountability and a broader platform of discussion, these trends have led the savviest governments and organisations to respond with Digital Diplomacy — using social media to listen, engage with and persuade international audiences.


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Jonathan McClory
Digital diplomacy specialist

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