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Kati Price & Susan Lin - V&A Museum x Made by Many

At the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, digital transformation is having an effect both internally and externally. As a result of its work with digital consultancy firm Made by Many, the V&A has a new, outward-facing website which has improved the way it communicates with its audience, while internally a new CMS has also brought with it a more responsive way of working.

During their talk at IAM Weekend 16, Kati Price of the V&A and Susan Lin of Made by Many presented the project as a model of how cultural institutions can work with specialists to stay relevant in a digital world. For many, the novelty of ‘creativity’ is difficult both to process and produce, and can often create uncertain, uncomfortable working environments. Museums themselves are even set up to avoid change (with entire Conservation departments!), but the nature of digital transformation means this is unavoidable. As such, Kati and Susan outlined four key rules to help non-specialists navigate this uncertainty:

- give them something tangible;

- let the users speak!

- start small

- get people involved

Combined, these guidelines got everyone at the V&A on board, bringing them on the journey by making change accessible, achievable and responsive to the needs of those involved. As a result, what was once a scary, uncomfortable process had become both accessible and manageable, allowing both parties to direct all their energy at the task in hand.


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Kati Price
Head of Digital Media, Victoria and Albert Museum                          London

Susan Lin                                                                                 @madebymany
Senior Business Strategist, Made by Many                                     London

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