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Luciana Leveratto - IED Barcelona

Luciana Leveratto, of IED Barcelona, emphasised how students should come away from their education not only with technical skills but the capacity and motivation to contribute value to society. To that end, at IED Barcelona, students are often set to work on real world, modern day problems, such as IED’s recent challenge-based innovation project in collaboration CERN.

In unfamiliar territory, the designer’s mind offers a fresh take on how to resolve some of the world’s toughest challenges, and by working collaborating with professionals, scientists and other institutions, IED Barcelona works to shorten the gap between technology and social impact. Here, the emphasis is on creating an empowering framework so that students discover, design and deliver their solutions themselves, an essential experience for the designers of tomorrow.


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Luciana Leveratto
IED Barcelona                                                                                   Barcelona

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