From Complexity to Emergence : #IAMTALKS : The Futures of Education a.k.a. Learning

Luke Whitehead - UAL Futures

How can institutions prepare students for jobs that don’t even exist yet? How can  different disciplines with different needs be accommodated in a large scale institution? How do you teach cross-disciplinary practitioners who delve into a little bit of everything? These are precisely the kinds of questions Luke Whitehead is asking at University of the Arts London (UAL).

The university set up UAL Futures, a department and scheme which operates to understand what a “digital creative toolkit” might consist of, and how to deliver it. After a series of events, workshops and lectures to explore these questions, it became apparent that the exploration itself was invaluable to the entire creative community, not just students. As the programme develops into UAL Futures 2.0, Luke explained that it aims to demystify “digital” and bring creative folk together to share skills in collaborative spaces. Ultimately, we ought to trust students to shape digital, rather than being shaped by it.


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Luke Whitehead
@lucasradders / @ualfutures
Project Lead, UAL Futures                                                                     London

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