Nathan Jurgenson
Researcher, Snapchat

"That’s the point I want to put on the table. That we should think of technology as always real. As lived. As embodied. As material. It always has geography, it has politics. And it is enmeshed in all of reality as a flavour of information that augments everything that we are doing, whether you are looking at a screen or not.

When you are together breathing the same air that is in part digital, that is in part virtual, just as what happens on the screen is always real. It is always comprised of real people with real bodies and politics, and this is kind of a critique of what I call digital dualism. This is the idea that the internet is some sort of separate cyberspace that is not real, that is virtual."

⏳ 17 min.

Filmed in April 2017 at IAM Weekend 17


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