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Pau García - Domestic Data Streamers

With the abundance of information that comes as a result of our modern society, Pau García of Domestic Data Streamers challenged the IAM Weekend 16 audience about how best we can understand this mountain of data. We have to stop thinking of spreadsheets when we say “data”, he argued, and instead engage with the untold, hidden stories lying deep within. Railing against charts and infographics, Domestic Data Streamers create immersive “info-experiences” that invite discussion and debate, allowing us to understand information on a more human level, creating community with others around us in the process.

The big takeaway? We should improve how we explain, present and engage with Big Data just as much as we should research it, because, as Richard Saul Wurman said, “we only truly understand something when we can relate it to something we already understand”… 


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Pau García 
Domestic Data Streamers

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