From Complexity to Emergence : #IAMTALKS : The Futures of Education a.k.a. Learning

Paulo Barcelos - Oakwood Creative Digital Agency

Paulo Barcelos, Head of R&D at Oakwood Creative Digital Agency, believes that we should trust students to take charge of their own experiences. Specifically, he urged the IAM Weekend 16 audience to play more. We encourage children to play, so why do we forget about it for adults? At Oakwood, Paulo succeeded in showing everyone (not just designers and developers) that technology is accessible, an understanding that came about by having fun, messing around and making mistakes.

Maintaining this philosophy, Paulo then developed Kids Hack Day, an open source event that highlights the importance of unstructured play (for children, this time). Making things simple, easy and fun to use, he argued, means people will dive straight in and work things out for themselves. The key lesson? Only by taking play seriously will we allow randomness and experimentation to flourish.


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Paulo Barcelos                                                                         @paulobarcelos / @oakwoodcreative                                              Head of R&D, Oakwood Creative Digital Agency                                    Stockholm

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