From Complexity to Emergence : #IAMTALKS : The Futures of Arts & Museums

Samim Winiger - Machine Learning Researcher

Technology has changed the ways we exhibit art and offered museums and galleries new ways to engage their audiences, but it has also radically developed the creation of art itself. As Samim Winiger told the IAM Weekend 16 audience, advances in machine learning and CreativeAI have democratised creativity to the extent that even science-fiction writers and policymakers are now struggling to keep up with reality.

The technological advances in creation can, roughly, be split into two categories: Assisted Creation and Generative Creation. Assisted Creation tools “allow more people to be more creative more of the time” by correcting, focussing and improving original creative acts (accelerating the time it takes to go from novice to expert), while Generative Creation tools are being piloted in fields such as architecture and design, allowing for the representation of complex phenomena in both virtual and physical contexts.

The former has the potential to turn novice practitioners into masters of their fields in no time at all (a far cry from basic functions like autocorrect and autofocus!), while the latter ensures ‘mass customisation’ won’t be a buzzword for long. By extrapolating from these capacities, Samim argued, we arrive at the Democratisation and Escalation of Creativity itself.


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Samim Winiger
Chief Creative Officer, AE Artifical                                                             Berlin

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