From Complexity to Emergence : #IAMTALKS : The Futures of the Future

Scott Smith

At IAM Weekend 16, Scott Smith, Founder of Changeist, argued that as a society we must avoid thinking of the future as an abstraction and instead be active agents in defining what we want and need from it. Instead of finding futurism “notionally interesting”, we must instead engage with the future from a grounded point of view. Not doing so leads to the commodification of questions like ‘what is the future of…?’ and ‘the world in 2017!’ (N.B.: the future doesn’t work to the calendar year!)

In turn, our culture is continually recycled; we “wallow in retro-futures”, rarely taking active control of what comes next. To break this process, Scott implored that we have to embed a sense of agency into our processes and engage with design and policymaking rather than letting both develop within their own bubbles. When we utilise our community of shared intelligence, we can be party to building the future of the future, and in doing so, reconfigure what is so often conceived as something we can just buy on a shelf and take home.


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Scott Smith
Critical futurist

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