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Sergio Albiac - Visual Artist

In the past, much of traditional art entailed painting portraits of famous, rich or important people, yet despite the age of the selfie, Sergio Albiac exemplifies how expertise and excellence can survive in a democratised artistic space. As a portrait artist, he is exploring portals to human identity to reveal who we are individually. Sergio’s expansive talk highlighted how while the future of art can maintain traditions — such as portrait subjects not smiling — it can also embrace technology to create in a contemporary style.

Using code as an art medium, Sergio sees the Internet as a free ‘art supply store’, and despite the development of CreativeAI, the distinctly human ability to create original, dexterous and meaningful work means his process continues to be worthwhile. According to Sergio, these traits form a golden triangle of creativity that forms the basis for great art. Inviting his subjects to provide their own meaning, to communicate their essence themselves, Sergio is asking his subjects to ‘pose’, completely exposed: here lies digital nudity, and so too Sergio’s great art.


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Sergio Albiac
Visual Artist                                                                                       Barcelona

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