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Steven Watson - Stack Magazines

The network behind contemporary publications is fundamental, but producing content is only half the story. Getting magazines into the hands of the right people — both current fans and potential followers — is just as difficult, if not even more so. In comes Stack Magazines, founded by Steven Watson. So far, a self-fulfilling ecosystem of small, independent businesses has been built, with shops and magazines existing in symbiosis. But this only goes so far. Not every shop is a beautiful store that understands the indie mag market, and as technology has made publishing more accessible it has also made the market more competitive.

In response, Stack is a subscription service that sends a new print magazine to subscribers’ doors every month, celebrating the independent and distinctive nature of every publication. To that end, Steven believes that the various niches explored within sell themselves, and that magazines shouldn’t copy one other but embrace this even further. Through Sampler, Stack’s sister service, customers are offered even more choice (new magazines are available every week), and the two services together represent an innovative new standard of distribution. Publishers can build their audiences and engage with a community of magazine-lovers, and in turn convince them to become future customers. With the future looking evermore saturated, it’s precisely this sort of thinking that will ensure the ongoing survival of magazines, and print itself.


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Steven Watson
Stack Magazines

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