From Complexity to Emergence : #IAMTALKS : The Futures of the Future

Wanuri Kahiu - Science Fiction Filmmaker

In her talk at IAM Weekend 16, Wanuri Kahiu outlined the pressure for African creatives to make important, sophisticated work because the dominant narratives about the continent are so often about poverty and struggle.

As a result, Wanuri explained how this limits generations of Africans from making things just for the sheer enjoyment of doing so; they learn that they can’t create for fun because they’re not fun. The result of this is a perpetual cycle where ever fewer Africans embrace their creativity to make silly, unimportant things; a generation of people are told they can’t create as they don’t fit the role of a creator, leading to a greater sense of impotence and disenfranchisement.

In response, Wanuri champions a movement of African artists to create for the sake of creation and embrace frivolity. Such a movement would show the happiness of African creativity to the wider world, in turn removing the social constraints that limit both artists, artworks and African people.


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Wanuri Kahiu
Science Fiction Writer & Filmmaker

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