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Zach Seward - Quartz

For new media outlets, Quartz is setting the pace. Built as a ‘guide to the new global economy’, ‘QZ’ is freed from the constraints of having to do “news” and just being a website, even though its first product ticked both those boxes. Instead, Executive Editor and SVP of Product Zach Seward explained that Quartz should be thought of as an API; the brand sits at the centre, and is realised coherently across numerous, decentralised channels. (Since launching, Quartz has launched email newsletters, podcasts, a charts platform, video content and a native iPhone app.)

Rather than shrinking a desktop website down for mobile, Quartz’s iPhone app looks to overhaul the mobile experience with an engaging, conversation-style delivery of breaking news and stories, while also designing for the 21st century inbox: the notification screen. While ad-supported, Quartz ensure this isn’t annoying and continue “to delight readers in a way that inspires loyalty”. This is the key. Loyalty is earned across a variety of products because the experience of each is distinct. The reputation of the website supports that of Quartz’s podcasts and app, and the same is true of the reverse. Each offers something new, a reason to keep coming back, which is as fundamental as anything in the world of digital media.


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Zach Seward
SVP of Product, Executive Editor, Quartz                                             New York

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