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Zachary Kaplan - Rhizome

Where old galleries and museums can trade on their legacies, new cultural institutions operate within a totally different set of parameters. Rhizome, affiliated with the New Museum, serves as a model for born-digital art institutions, asking ‘what does an art institution look like when it has the network at its core?’

As Executive Director Zachary Kaplan explained, the centricity of digital networks forces art institutions to reevaluate how to connect and engage with contemporary audiences. In response, Rhizome offers a digital perspective with an emphasis on cultivating creative communities.

Arguing that digital networks are about more than just websites, and are in fact a “technical, material and social ensemble”, Zachary emphasised that art institutions must recognise this complexity in order to understand that “the gallery space [is] just another node in a network”. Citing a number of non-traditional institutions as inspirations for Rhizome, Zachary explained that most importantly, across all its operations, they seek to be discursive, evasive, literate and interventionist in generating, developing and preserving digital art.


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Zachary Kaplan
Executive Director, Rhizome                                                                   New York 

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