The Quantumness of Archipelagos:
a video playlist by

curated by Lucy Black-Swan & Andres Colmenares, IAM co-founders
for ‘Higher Resolution’ x Hyphen-Labs with Tate Exchange

The Quantumness of Archipelagos video playlist is a ‘what if?’ remix of ideas, perspectives and visual experiments coming from multiple fields as philosophy, geography, queer theory and quantum physics, shaped as an experimental thinking tool to deal with the complexity of our realities and a lens through which we can imagine alternatives, collectively. 


1. ‘The Quantumness of Archipelagos – Teaser’ (March 2019) 

by Conor Rigby & Andrew Mallinson

2. ‘Thoughts On The Future(s) Of Internet(s)’
(June 2019) 

ft. Xiaowei Wang, Willa Köerner and Rasheedah Phillips

by Canal180

3. Xiaowei Wang On The Evolution of Internet in Rural China
(March 2019) 

4. Rasheedah Phillips On Black Quantum Futurism (March 2019) 

5. Renata Ávila On Digital Colonialism (March 2019) 

6. ‘Birthday’

by Conor Rigby & Andrew Mallinson (March 2019)

7. Virtual Gap Year by Pitch Studios in collaboration with SmiskoAckerman, Lorna Pittaway, Twomuch Studio and Polina Zinziver (March 2019)

Length: 1 min


8. A Post-Technological Prayer by Audrey Tang (April 2018)
Length: 1 min

Videos where recorded at or commissioned for IAM Weekend, an annual event that explores the futures of the internet(s) 


About IAM

IAM is an evolving group of ventures, including a strategic consultancy, an annual series of events, a creative lab, a transnational coalition and a global community, aligned with a long-term mission: to improve the interrelationships between citizens, digital technologies and the Planet, using futures as tools to support organisations make better decisions and encourage collective critical hope.