We Are Internet > Episode 4: Connecting Niches

A story about how the futures of media are being reinvented by a scenius

In the fourth episode of We Are Internet, the meaning of ‘niche’ in the internet age is defined as allowing anyone to speak to a specific, but loud, audience. Our IAM 2015 speakers also talk about the value of niche media and how we can all be part of it, along with the expectations and ambitions of helping others have an audience of their own.

Featured IAM Speakers in this episode:

Heidi Hackemer
Founder & Director of Strategy, Wolf & Wilhemine
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Julius Wiedemann
Director of Digital Publications, TASCHEN
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Pernille Raven
Head of Branded Content, Crane.tv
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Teddy Goitom
Producer/Director, Stocktown Films: Afripedia
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Alec Dudson
Founder & Editor-in-chief, Intern Magazine
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