We Are Internet > Episode 5: Making a Sustainable Living

A story about how the futures of media are being reinvented by a scenius

In the fifth episode of We Are Internet, our IAM 2015 speakers give their two cents on how to make a living out of independent publications and explore the self-initiated projects that have led them to success. They consider the crowdfunding phenomenon and how best to collaborate with brands, ads and sponsorships, demonstrating that in the end, it’s all about bringing value to your audience. In turn, this will ensure those passion-fuelled projects consistently pay off!

Featured IAM Speakers in this episode:

Alex Bec
 Director, It's Nice That
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Filip Visnjic
Founder & Editor-in-chief, Creative Applications Network
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Kai Brach
Director, Offscreen Magazine
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Alec Dudson
Founder & Editor-in-chief, Intern Magazine
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