We Are Internet > Episode 6: The Roles of Brands and Institutions

A story about how the futures of media are being reinvented by a scenius

In the sixth episode of We Are Internet, our IAM 2015 speakers stress that there needs to be a natural synergy between creators and brands, which will create a better relationship between brands and consumers. As powerful role models, institutions should lead the way creatively in order to change the way the world thinks about design and innovation!

Featured IAM Speakers in this episode:

Heidi Hackemer
Founder & Director of Strategy, Wolf & Wilhemine
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Pernille Raven
Head of Branded Content, Crane.tv
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Liya Safina
Content Strategist, Strelka Institute
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Tim Nolan
Executive Creative Director, HUGE
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Igor Zinatulin
Head of Strategy, Calvert 22 Foundation
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Pip Jamieson
Founder, The Dots
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