IAM Weekend 19

March 21 – 23, 2019. Barcelona

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Join us for our 5th annual celebration and interrogation of the randomness of internet cultures.

β€œa thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring
weekend that will challenge what the near future
might look like if we act as individuals and collectively.”

About IAM Weekend

IAM Weekend is a one of a kind annual event that discovers, inspires and interconnects diverse perspectives on the post-technological futures of everything:
from work, design and power to media, education and the arts.


IAM defines annual research themes coming from the juxtaposition of key concepts and topics that emerge from the different activities related to the think-tank. The theme becomes a canvas for the event program and is also are translated into experiments and creative collaborations with partners.

The theme for 2019 is The Quantumness of Archipelagos

What to expect?

Through 20+ talks, panels, live interviews, screenings presented in a single track conference for only 400 participants, plus a mini-unconference, labs & workshops for smaller group interaction, the IAM Weekend experience is designed for curious internet people interested in learning, exchanging and inventing what happens next.


Perspectives. Collaboration. Serendipity.


Learn from interesting people working in the edges and intersections of fields as arts, design, culture, politics, media, economy, science, philosophy, education, innovation, creative technology, activism, urbanism and looooooong post-labels etc.


Interact, exchange, play and collaborate with guest speakers and other participants in labs, workshops, master-classes and a mini-unconference session where the key insights are discussed and transformed into action.


The IAM Weekend experience will provide you with random moments to meet fellow participants, including not-working breaks, dinners, parties and other side-activities of the festival taking place across Barcelona, that will get you exposed to unexpected ideas and opportunities, during and after the event.

Beyond the event

When you attend IAM Weekend you are also invited to join the growing IAM Family, a planetary community with more than 500 members, including awarded filmmakers, soft power specialists, emerging artists, creative technologists, students, academics, researchers, dancers, designers, journalists, science fiction writers, musicians, activists, cultural entrepreneurs, and many other eclectic profiles.

Between our annual events, the community stays in touch through closed digital platforms where we share everything from job opportunities, open calls & new projects to feedback requests, questions, memes and random thoughts.

We also organise meet-ups, facilitate connections, promote collaboration and basically support each other, because we are IAM and you are welcome to join!


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