Ahmed & Rashid Bin Shabib
Founders, Brownbook Magazine / Cultural Engineering

In 2007, Ahmed and Rashid Bin Shabib founded Brownbook Magazine, a publication highlighting the values and subjects relevant to the greater Middle East. Retailing in over 40 cities globally, Brownbook is a leading publication on varied topics about the contemporary culture of the Middle East.

A year later, Ahmed and Rashid developed an interdisciplinary practice called Cultural Engineering, focused on elevating the role and importance of Middle Eastern culture on a local and global stage. Offering insights, consultancy, publishing, events and spaces, Cultural Engineering serves as a platform for new ideas, solutions and ways of thinking. Some of the many initiatives and cultural collaborations under Cultural Engineering include Shelter, The Pavilion, The Archive, The Space, and The Magazine Shop.

Ahmed and Rashid both studied at Suffolk University, Boston (USA) and the American College in London, from which they hold a Bachelors degree in Management. Currently, in parallel to managing Brownbook, Ahmed and Rashid are obtaining their Masters degree on Sustainable Urban Development at the University of Oxford, England.