IAM Weekend 19

March 21 – 23, 2019. Barcelona

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Call for Proposals

For this special 5th edition of IAM Weekend we are launching a call for proposals looking to interconnect alternative perspectives with our research theme for 2019:
The Quantumness of Archipelagos.

Our proposal to deal with the weird state of the world and imagine collectively alternative tomorrows, is a thought-experiment designed around / between / below / beyond an open question / invitation / provocation about everything, for everyone and everywhere:

How can we decelerate, decolonise, debrief the coevolution of the internet(s), digital technologies and societies?

With this question, we aim to look at the interrelations between the internet(s), digital technologies and societies. In other words, the interrelations between the networks, the tools and the collective narratives. Questioning the existing ones to imagine the alternatives, beyond physical and mental borders, in a collaborative effort across disciplines, sectors, ages and cultures.

We are looking for proposals of presentations, panels, workshops and alternative formats for IAM Weekend 19, addressing the edges and intersections of the following areas and topics:


How can we use the internet to rethink our relationship with the planet and everything else inside and around it?


πŸ”Ž Migration

πŸ”Ž Climate justice

πŸ”Ž Cities & citizenships


How can we embrace critical, conscious and post-binary attitudes in knowledge-sharing and consumption experiences?


πŸ”Ž Cultural innovation

πŸ”Ž Arts & Design education

πŸ”Ž Digital/tech/media literacy


How can we empower ourselves and others to redistribute power using inclusive, decolonised and plural narratives about what happens next?


πŸ”Ž Creative Economies

πŸ”Ž The Futures of the futures

πŸ”Ž Media, perceptions & realities

To submit your proposal follow these 3 steps:

  1. Read this guide and the theme article published on IAM Journal

  2. Work on the ideas for your proposal, keeping in mind you will only need to write a title and a short description. Only if your proposal is preselected we will ask you for more details.

  3. Once you’re ready, select your submission profile and fill the form below.

Deadline: We will only evaluate proposals submitted through this channel before midnight (CET) of December 16th, 2018


Choose β€˜Submit as Individual’ if you are submitting a proposal as an individual or on behalf of any kind of independent collective that is not registered as an organisation or associated with an existing one.


Choose this option if you are submitting a proposal on behalf or representing any type of organisation: a university, cultural institution, company, start-up, agency, design studio, publication, etc.

For any other question related to this call for proposals
please contact us at call (at) iam-internet (dot) com