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In randomness we sing

Ellen Anthoni, Khushboo Balwani, Benjamin De Moor, Koray Sels, Vincent Peters, Bram van Bree, Frederik Van Den Bril

Collectively Imagined Futures + The Great Karaoke Reef

Belgium (Brussels + Antwerp)

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To celebrate our collaborative learning of internet of beings exploring the plurality of the futures we would like to bring a unique human experience in the shared reality of IAM. We’ll translate crowdsourced insights in a karaoke song with video clip that we’ll collectively sing at the end of the conference. With our karaoke cargo bike, The Great Karaoke Reef, we’ll be able to march through the city while singing our Anthem of Randomness and/or sing at the beach on Sunday.

Extended description

During the conference we will ask to tweet insights with the hashtag #anthemofrandomness. We’ll scrape these plural voices and turn it into the lyrics of a known song, which will be a weird collage of collective wisdom on the quantumness of archipelagos. We’ll autogenerate a video clip with the text of the song which can be screened and performed by us, while the whole family sings along with us. The result will be a bonding experience embracing the multiple perspectives of the IAM community, a synthesis of the conference facilitated by todays internets and technologies, expressing an interesting narrative of the future, brought in a fun and optimist way, spread from the community of IAM throughout the city of Barcelona.

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- Facebook page with some images of the karaoke cargo bike

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March 21-23, 2019

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