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Co-creating the city with a million identities

Renny Ramakers

Co-founder, Design+Desires


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The contemporary city is on the move. The population is ever-growing and becoming more and more diverse through the constant flux of migration and reshaping societies around the globe. But in city planning, citizens are seen as abstractions, often with frictions as a result. Using the internet, the program Design+Desires is able to zoom in on the specific desires and needs of citizens. This enables us to create a better city of the future, based on diversity.

Extended description

The program Design+Desires is looking upon diversity as a tool for innovation. Frictions and contradictions are not seen as problems but as challenges for change. With playful online surveys, developed by Barcelona-based studio Domestic Data Streamers, we invite citizens to co-create the city of the future. Participants are challenged to rethink their values and opinions and to become aware of a possible contradiction between what they think, and what they do. A unique feature is that participants also need to pose and answer questions to one another, which generates live interaction. This way, a bottom-up approach is created and unexpected ideas can emerge. By stimulating people to keep thinking, we are convinced we can create change.

For IAM Weekend, we will create a survey on the topic of migration, accessible online. How do citizens think of migration? How do people act towards migrants? Do they meet them? Do they become friends? And if you are a migrant yourself, what is your position? How could we solve existing problems? Again, we are triggering people to rethink their vision and behavior and again, we bring in contrasting innovative ideas that people can consider. People are invited to ask questions to one another. The results of the survey can provide new input in the discussion about migration with unorthodox solutions.

Prior to as well as during IAM Weekend, the audience can join the survey and immediately follow the results. During the weekend, the data, mixed with general statistics, can be visualized in real-time on a large screen. For an idea of what this will look like, please view a preview of the last project of the Domestic Data Streamers here: We would like to discuss the results of the survey in a panel.

The system is a continuation of the project ‘Social City’, that took place at the 2013 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (UABB) in Shenzhen, China, and focused on participants’ ideal living environment. The results led to the creation of ‘Social City Beta’, a virtual, future city based on the dreams and desires of city dwellers who joined from all over the world. Social City Beta remains in the process of transforming itself according to the wishes of the online community. On the Design+Desires platform they are invited to join an iterative process of co-creation.

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