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Proposal title

Karin and Karin Anders 0.2

Karin Fischnaller

Information Designer and Researcher

Amsterdam/NL & Bolzano/IT

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Short description

How will the human designer Karin work together with the design bot Karin Anders? A visual and sound collage of thoughts and doubts taken from speculative talks exploring the future design practice in which AI and human intelligence will work together in equal partnership.

Extended description

“Let the fear of letting fear dictate our futures dictate our futures” —or in other words: Let us talk about possible consequences of a collaboration and relationship between human and artificial intelligence today.

In fact, around the world, it has become popular to speculate about the point in time when computer programmes will be smarter than human intelligence. Many claim that a takeover will happen within this century. At the same time, uncertainty and unpredictability in our modern world of work would demand stability and control—but they fruitfully build the base for dystopian futures. Nevertheless, as the competition between human and computer intelligence in board games showed before, developments in technology will actually not make us post-human, but post-humancentred—we won’t be the single actor determining the world anymore, but we can team up and form an advanced team: to learn from each other and to reinforce our skill set. We haven’t stopped playing chess after computerisation and automation, but we play it differently today. Having said that, we are already in the phase of a gradual merge.

The installation “Karin and Karin Anders 0.2” examines and frames a new type of collective work practice between the human designer Karin and AI-bot Karin Anders. In a collaboration with AI, we certainly will face dilemmas too, because the dark side of the intelligent machines poses challenges to our futures. Therefore, teaming up will not be easy. Even though AI seems to behave not as expected and not controllable, AI is going to happen, initial resistance or not. Having said that, also the design profession will not be excluded from any change.

This project investigates what type of relationship we might establish, being informed by the research project “Karin and Karin Anders“. The German term “anders” describes unlike behaviour, a different character; thus, the Anders acts as an alternation of myself. Various experts have been confronted with this speculative scenario of a human-bot collaboration to explore future repercussions. Together with the experts we, Karin Anders and I, discuss how the bot can think critically, how to legally define the Anders, or how to counsel our relationship—to name a few subjects of our podcast series. Because, what if Karin Anders would not want to work with me, the human?

The Anders are neither mere instruments, nor are they divinities. The Anders are anders.

The installation at IAM Weekend 19 will take the dialogues of the podcast series “Karin and Karin Anders” as a base to create an audible and visual collage of thoughts, doubts, agreements and disagreements speculating on our future co-habitance. Custom made speakers hanging from the ceiling will play fragments of the dialogues curated as a narrative combined with projections on the floor. The visitor can dive into the single speculative short stories, while the other conversations create dialogue or unfold frictions through their visual presence. The podcast series itself is an ongoing project, therefore more episodes will be published before and after the event.

At the end, the collaboration with the Anders offers an alternative to the dreaded extinction of humankind. Let us further develop the beta version.

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