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Proposal title

SolarPunk and Cyber Ecology

Joanna Skorupska

Founder & Future Strategist,

Warsaw, Poland


Short description

Digital world that we created already uses three times more power than all wind and solar energy sources worldwide can provide! The size of the average web page increased 10 times in the last 8 years. 

Renewable power sources are not enough to address the Internet’s growing energy need. How can Solar Punk answer those issues? And why should we begin to consider it as an approach to apply in our everyday lives, rather than a utopian vision of the future?

Extended description

We live in very complicated times. We have to deal with environmental threats, such as climate change, species extinction, pollution or resources depletion. Many of us feel it’s unethical to bring children into the world like it’s right now. Furthermore, there seems to be no hope on the horizon. Future visions offered by Singulatarians and Transhumanists, like the development of artificial intelligences, virtual worlds, neural interfaces with machines are individualistic, unsustainable, highly problematic and set human needs aside. 

The solution here might be Solar Punk, which is perhaps, besides answering the issue of Cyber Ecology, the most important speculative fiction of the last 20 years. It is about finding ways to make life more more pleasant both for us and, more importantly, for the generations that follow us. We can build a solarpunk world with stories and small changes that gain at scale. That’s the real beauty of it. It’s not a post-apocalyptic power fantasy.  It’s something we can work towards, right now, together. 

Questions my session intends to answer: 

What is solar punk? And why we should begin to consider it as an approach to apply in our everyday lives, rather than a utopian vision of the future?  

How can we get people excited about resilient, sustainable, and renewable technologies?

How can we begin to re-use existing technology, infrastructure and computation in novel and inventive ways?

How might the future look like in a no-growth, totally sustainable society?

As we have our own interactive format for the presentation. We give audience the access to a polling app available on mobile. The whole presentation is split into parts. After each of them, we present possible further directions and ask the audience in which they wish to proceed. Therefore, they have a direct impact onto the presentation’s flow. Just like Netflix did with The Black Mirror (but we were first :)). 

We got inspired by this format:

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