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The finalists that will join the line-up will be announced on January 22nd.

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Proposal title

A Metamodernist Primer on Proximal Aesthetics

Andrew van Hyfte

Visual Designer & Venture Strategist

Austin, Texas


Short description

Metamodernist theory and discourse around the intersection of advanced aesthetics and popular culture in 2019.

Extended description

This presentation will highlight the oscillation of our metamodernist aesthetic narrative. “Both/and” constructs will be explored through three sub-sections including: oscillation duality, abstraction collisions and social viewports. The zones of proximal aesthetics will highlight how global citizens and designers can stretch client partners or media narratives into a larger, future-conscious playground.

The goal of the presentation is about expanding the attendees’ awareness of proximal aesthetics and leave them with a framework to push beyond zones of comfort or complacency.

The presentation will center around empowering futurist intent and inclusivity within the topic areas of ‘The Futures of futures’ (Metamodernist narrative explaining how we will look at the future) and ‘Media, perceptions and realities’ (Frameworks for expanding and increasing relevancy of aesthetic narratives for 2019 and beyond.)

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